Drain Cleaning Toronto

Fast Relief for Clogged Toronto Drains

If you think those liquid drain cleaners will solve your clogged drain problems, think again. There are simply times when the only way to unclog tough drains is to call in Plumber Toronto professionals. But how do when to grab the plunger or grab the phone?

When to Call Us

It never fails – your drain clogs up at the worst times: late at night, over the weekend or on holidays, or when you have a house full of visitors. But when do you call in the professionals?

When the plunger doesn’t work: You can try unclogging the sink, toilet or drain with a plunger. But if all the pumping in the world won’t budge the clog, call us.

Liquid chemicals: Harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on your home’s pipes. Most chemicals are very caustic and can corrode your plumbing if used too frequently. You could opt for some of those old “home remedies” – like mixing vinegar and baking soda in the drain. That’s a lot less caustic, but a lot less effective.

Clogs that are in your sewer: Plungers and chemicals are no match for clogs that are deep inside your sewer line. That’s the time to call in Plumber Toronto’s professionals. This could mean you have a tree root problem, frozen pipes or other obstruction. We have the equipment needed to diagnose and fix your problem.

Bottom line: try the plunger or a small dose of liquid drain openers. When those don’t work, call in the pros at (647)-560-1699.

Or, use the convenient Emergency Contact Box.